Modern, contemporary music today is often composed in an enquiring, investigative mode.... refined and precision orientated.

It is a music that demands of  performers a huge technical know-how. It can push him or her to their physical limits and their musical instruments to sonic implosion/explosion. The precise, exactitude of composition can erect barriers rather than encourage artistic sharing and growth ;both to composers and to their audience.

 "INVERSPACE" with their project "BETWEEN THE LINES" offers a free, liberating approach to contemporary music. The trio seek and encourage the listener to "read" between their music's lines.

 The program "surfs" through waves of written and improvised musical scores. The trio thus finds freedom in it's interpretation so creating at each and every concert a new, unique atmosphere.





Alex Buess Y  for saxophone & live electronics

Malin Bang   Hyperoxic  for bass flute & sound objects 

Ulrike Mayer-Spohn fFuS   for flute & saxophone

Fred Frith Calle Calle for flute, saxophone & live  electronics

Antoine Chessex Miasma ( world premiere) for flute, saxophone & live electronics



La voirie / Bienne



L'abri / Genève



Ackermannshof / Basel



Cabaret Voltaire / Zurich