Robert Torche





Robert Torche is a performer and improviser of Electronic Music. He specialises in the making and performing of hardware and software electronic musical instruments.
He is member of ensembles Inverspace and viceversa and of impro band UFO, with which he performs regularly in Switzerland and Europa. He is also enjoys playing in surprising ad hoc improvisation formations. He is also member of Co.Cu. (collectif pour la culture) an association actively promoting alternative cultural ideals and ideas.
Known and recognised for his keenness in musical informatics, he has been called upon to work in varied fields, among them: musical theatre, multimedia installations, contemporary music, film and sound design.
 At the moment, Robert is terminating a Masters' degree in Free Improvisation at the Musik Akademie of Basel with Professors Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin. He has already achieved a Master in Audiodesign in 2013, also at the Musik Akademie of Basel.
In 2014, Robert received the Coup de Coeur prize of Swiss canton of Bern, which is a prize to encourage the most promising music students at the outset of their careers.
In 2015 Robert performed at international Expo in Milan with IRMAT (Interface Research for Musical Aplications and Tools). He has also worked on and presented diverse workshops, in Moscow and in Basel, devoted to his passion: electronic instrumental improvisation.